About Open Data Companion (ODC)

Open Data Companion (ODC)

Open Data Companion (ODC) provides a unified access point to over 170 open data portals and thousands of datasets from around the world; right from your mobile device. Crafted with mobile-optimised features and design, this is an easy and convenient way to find, access and share open data.ODC (pronounced “odyssey”) provides a framework for all Private Sector, State, Regional, National and Worldwide open data portals to deliver open data to all mobile users.


  • Browse datasets from over 170 data portals around the world by categories
  • Receive push notifications when new datasets are available from your selected data portals
  • Download and view data records (resources) on your mobile device
  • Preview dataset records and create data visualisations in app before download (as supported by data portal)
  • Translate dataset details from various languages to your preferred language (as determined by user’s Google Account settings)
  • Bookmark/save datasets for later viewing
  • “Favourite” your data portals for future easy access
  • Sync your app data (bookmarks, favourites & settings) securely to your Google Drive® and restore it to any device at anytime
  • Share links to datasets on social media, email, sms etc. right from the app
  • In-app tutorial videos designed to help you quickly get productive with the app. Tutorial videos are available offline once downloaded


Our Vision


"Bringing Open Data to a mobile world"

The aim of ODC is to provide ubiquitous access to Open Data on all mobile devices and mobile platforms accompanied by enhanced mobile functionalities and features; to drive awareness, acceptance, growth and development of open data within all sectors of the public by using mobile devices/platforms as the catalyst.


  • Create a mobile app that contains a quick and easy-to-use repository of available open data portals. This will help to drastically reduce the amount of time spent searching for open data to use/consume.
  • Create an effective mobile channel for open data portal administrators and other open data producers to present available datasets to the ever-expanding mobile community. This will promote open data awareness, adoption and use
  • The Mobile App should act as a bridge between mobile users and the actual open data portals; providing access to all datasets available on the portals. The app is designed to complement and supplement the datasets and services provided by data portals.
  • The Mobile App should provide mobile-optimised features and design to cater for mobile users expectations with phone design of a button cowl crochet pattern

ODC Solves Problems

ODC successfully addresses some key problems facing open data adoption; particularly on the mobile platform.

  • With the growth of open data around the world, an ever-increasing number of individuals (open data technocrats, concerned citizens, software developers and enthusiasts), organisations (educational institutions, civic duty and civil society groups) and many more continually clamour for machine-readable data to be made available in the public domain. However, many of these interested individuals and organisations are unware of the existence of relevant portals where these datasets can be accessed and only stumble across these portals after many hours of rigorous searching. ODC solves this problem by providing an open repository of available open data portals through which portal datasets can be accessed in a consistent yet flexible manner.

  • The fact that mobile platforms and mobile apps are now a dominant force is the computing world is beyond dispute. The percentage of mobile apps used on a daily basis and their use-rate, continues to grow rapidly. This means that mobile devices are now one of the easiest and fastest means of accessing data and information; if more people are to be made aware of the vast array of available open data producers, the open data at their disposal and how to use them, then open data needs a significant mobile presence with the mobile features users have come to expect. ODC tackles this problem effectively by providing a fast mobile channel with a myriad of mobile-optimised features and an easy design.

Open data for Everyone!

ODC is designed for everyone. Data producers get to share datasets with users on a mobile platform. Data consumers get to access open data anytime and anywhere. See some great ways ODC can be used

Open Data Producers and Portal Administrators Share your datasets with the mobile community and get feedback on which datasets that are most used. All you need to do is submit your portal information.

Software Developers Need data to power your new app? Get instant access to free data on a variety of topics like education, commerce, health, transportation, and government-spending from over 100 data sources from around the world.

Data Journalists and Researchers get a hold of free data for your report or research and be kept up-to-date whenever new data from the data portal is available.

Data Visualizers Get a preview of datasets and create data visualisations right from the app

Enthusiasts There is data on an ever-expanding variety of topics to keep you interested. Just have a look!



Privacy Policy

ODC take user privacy seriously. Users’ privacy will always be respected.

The app does not collect any personal data or information from the user. Anonymous data on statistics of app usage is collected. These collected data cannot be used to identify app users in any way. App data and settings are securely stored in user's Google Drive® and cannot be accessed by a third party. This app will never share your app data and settings with a third party.